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I'm leaving on a JET plane — LiveJournal
And I'll see where life takes me.

well, I am living in a little town called Kaminoyama-shi, where there is an obsession with, you guessed it, KAKASHI! lol

in fact, i spent my 1st month giggling because all the drain covers have Henohenomoheji on them! and then we had the kakashi matsuri or kakashi festival. it was fun with plenty of scarecrows around. sadly, no ninja :'[
but here's a pics to enjoy and maybe enspire ;]

edit: found these cute phone charms of kakashi's, there were red and green ones

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Okay, well, I'm back.
A year and a half of real life, including getting my BSc and Honours degrees and now, the evening I post again I am preparing to leave on the JET Programme the next morning! lol only me.
I will try and post when I can from now on and I do have a few pieces floating about for later perusal.
So, on with the latest release!!!!

This was a random idea inspired by my love of child!Iruka and child!Kakashi, as my newest OTP is KakaIru from Naruto. The story goes that I wrote this in Knysna and was almost complete when my laptop died. This is the rewritten version. I hope you enjoy it!


Tickled Pink
Author: Azilver
Rating: guess PG13 for a kiss
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: kid!Kakairu?

Summary: At eight years of age Kakashi is the smartest child in the whole village. But he is also just an eight year old and hospitals are boring.


Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Simple.


Hatake Kakashi understands the necessity of his admittance to the hospital after breaking his leg training. He also understands that, due to the location and extent of the injury, he will have to spend at least two weeks in hospital, in bed. At eight years of age Kakashi is the smartest child in the whole village. But he is also just an eight year old and hospitals are boring.

Very boring.


It’s been three days. Three days stuck in an uncomfortable and restraining hospital bed, eating the apparently nutritious hospital food which was either tasteless or consisted of only one type of flavour and Kakashi was bored. In fact, he had gotten to the stage where he was seriously considering repeatedly hitting his head against the wall in the hope that he’d lose consciousness.

As it was, his father only visited for short periods during parental visiting hours and didn’t even consider the degree of his son’s boredom. There wasn’t even a roommate for the boy to consider annoying into entertaining him. His father would never even consider having a Hatake share a room!


It also didn’t help that the hokage refused to heal his leg with a medical jutsu. Something about needing to rest since a stress fracture doesn’t just happen! It wasn't like he had much else to do but train, like... play or hang out with friends. He didn't need friends. Even if they may have been a useful tool to combat his boredom.



It was while Kakashi was considering his present condition that a nurse burst into his room. In fact it was only this disturbance which pulled the boys focus from his boring situation and made him notice, for the first time, the ruckus outside his room. Doctors and nurses rushed back and forth with equipment and beds though the halls. It was very noisy.


Excuse me, Hatake-kun. There’s been a bad accident, a building collapsed.” She barely paused to see if he had acknowledged her before pulling a boy from behind her and depositing the child in the chair next to the door. Stooping to the child’s eyelevel she petted his head. “Now, I want you to stay here until I get back, okay? We need you room at the moment but we'll have you all right as rain soon enough! You’ll have to be on your best behaviour until then.” She waited just long enough for the boy to give an enthusiastic nod before rushing back out the room.


Slowly, Kakashi became aware of the child watching him. It was a new feeling, being watched like that, with curiosity, not with animosity or judgement. And as if he’d given the boy his permission, the moment he met that curious gaze the child bounded up to his bed and crawled up to sit by his side. “Hi!”


Feeling somewhat out of his depth Kakashi nodded a brief greeting. He couldn’t remember when he’d last had to interact with someone so young, yet alone anyone near his own age.


He takes a moment to catalogue the child: his dark brown hair is longer than normal for a boy his age, his equally brown eyes sparkle with mischief and curiosity, his complexion is a tanned tone not common to occupants of the village (he briefly wonders if the child’s family isn’t from one of the coastal villages). A large bandage covers the area across his nose, spread from cheek to cheek. Logic tells him that the wound is the reason for him being in the hospital.


The child crowed, swinging his legs back and forth, smiling at Kakashi toothily. “M’Ruka.” It takes a moment for him to decipher the sound which he takes to be the child’s name. He nods again, acknowledging him but saying nothing. It’s only when the other boy regards him with a wide-eyed look that he thinks to return the courtesy. “Kakashi.”


The smile he receives for his efforts starts a strange... whirly sensation in the pit of his belly that he’s never felt before. Kakashi isn’t sure he likes it.



Ruka is five. He enjoys swimming in the big lake outside of the village but he doesn’t get to do so often. The other children don’t like the water and he’s not allowed to go their alone, without his parents, who are often too busy to go swimming. He also likes to play with the Inuzuka puppies when his parents take him to visit the ninja family’s compound. Oh! And his favourite foods are his mom’s soba and the dango from the stall next to the bush with the big white flowers.


These are just some of the many things he tells Kakashi about. The younger boy has taken to visiting him when visiting hours for parents are over.


His visits have become the brightest part of Kakashi’s days. It doesn’t help that the nurses think it’s cute and good for both of the boys to make friends, there was enough animosity outside the hospital walls, as it was. Kakashi couldn’t be bothered to remind them that he was a part of it. And he’s pretty sure Ruka will grow up to be part of it too.

But Ruka is an ever happy and energetic distraction for him.



The morning Ruka visits him accompanied by a man and woman Kakashi recognises as Jounin and realises are the boy’s parents, he knows it’s all over. He greets the boys’ parents with a brief nod, the two adults returning the courtesy with small smiles, even as their son launches himself at Kakashi’s bed, demanding his attention.


Kashi! Kashi! Look! The doctors took m’bandages off!” Ruka points at the angry red slash that bisects his face from cheek to cheek. Kakashi gives him a small smile. “Yes.” He makes a show of examining the wound, much to Ruka’s delight. The wound has healed well, but it will form a scar that will make the boy easy to identify for the rest of his life. As a ninja, that may become a problem and it’s likely he’d have to wear some sort of mask when on certain missions.


The father clears his throat and Ruka’s face crumples. He had really liked spending time with his older friend. “But now mom an’ dad say I have to go home.” The idea doesn’t sit well with either boy but Kakashi bows as best he can towards the younger boy from his position in the bed. “Take care.”


You too, Kashi! Get well soon!” Ruka bounces of the bed and towards his parents and they leave.



A few minutes pass as Kakashi resigns himself to the boredom and loneliness, once again. He still has at least three days until he’s even allowed to get out of the bed for any length of time.


Moments after he hears the sound of running feet, his door slams open, bangs against the wall and ricochets shut. A small figure hurtles into his chest, knocking the wind right out of him. Surprised and somewhat dazed, Kakashi looks down into a beaming face. “Ruka?”


The other boy sits back on Kakashi’s lap. He pouts and folds his arms. “I forgot.”




Mmhm.” Ruka nods, his face a study in seriousness. “Yup. See, when Dad has a tough job to do then Mom an’ me have to wish him good luck. Mom gives him kisses and I give him hugs! Mom says that her kisses are enough so I can just give Dad hugs, ‘cause he only needs one persons kisses! More peoples kisses would be bad. But you don’t have anyone to give you kisses too!”


It’s a wild babble and Kakashi thinks he can be forgiven for not really catching it all, since Ruka just punched the air from his lungs a minute ago.


When Ruka suddenly leans forward and places his lips against his, Kakashi is dumbstruck. The act is innocent, a child’s desire for him to heal and be safe in his missions as a Konoha ninja.


For Kakashi, himself, it’s, somehow, more than that. On impulse he leans into the other boy’s touch and feels Ruka respond tentatively. For a moment they press their lips together, their mouths moving ever so slightly as they explore the new sensations.


The clatter of a trolley outside the room breaks them apart and, even though he has barely moved, Kakashi feels a tightness in his chest and a fluttering in his belly. And he thinks he may actually like it.


Ruka smiles again and hops off the bed. “Bye, Kashi! Now you’ll definitely get better and be safe.” The brunette waves at him briefly before opening the door and rushing to catch up with his parents.


A few minutes after Ruka leaves, Kakashi slides down in his bed and pulls the covers over his head. He hopes that no one comes in before his face returns to a more normal shade because he just lost his first kiss and he’s kind of happy about it.

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alrighty then! part 2 of gathered dust is finally all beta'd. now i must send part 3 off. between graduating and applications for honours, etc. i promise to post part 2 come rain or shine mid-octoberish. i want part 3 well on its way to fin ished first tho.

am very sorry for the looooooooooooooooooong hellish wait but that is real life. plus i am a DJ and running a society and trying to pass exams. then locating a beta that doesn't disappear on me! that happened like 3 times!!!!! so much thank you's to luatiki for her help and to my new beta worried_smile luvs to you both.

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ack. its the end of the 1 week varsity hols and i have to waste friday and saturday of a freakin fieldcamp for bio in the freakin cold in the middle of the cederberg.
does this strike anyone else as wrong?

also, hopefully gathered dust 2 will be out very soon. i have been very bad.

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Yays! went to Seether concert last night! was fucking awesome! shaun morgan is amazing, his voice, omg!

(Stealing) Love Jones started off, then on came 12th Avenue, followed by A-King! they were all great, i especially like 12th Ave cause they just have a harder rock sound. 2 weeks ago i also happened to interview Cold Hand Chemistry on my show and they played a set together.

When Seether came on the crowd just freakin lost it! and what was really cool was they played a real mixed set, included stuff from when they were Saran Gas! stuff only we'd remember!

ooh! + bought a cool wristband at the concert, i decided a tshirt was too much, while cool, i'd never wear it.

overall, aside from some assholes who started up a mosh pit right next to me, it was brilliant! i have a bruised shoulder to show for it but i left plenty of bruised ribs :]

just hope i'm not getting sick now, my throats been dry all weekend...

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yes i am still alive, just freakin busy... and Sam keeps giving me awesome anime! woot! all the pretties cause she also included like 3 gigs of yaoi manga! holy freakin hawtness!

and steph turned 21 last week so was busy making her prezzie! i made her a short lil roy/ed fma doujinshi cause its her fave pairing! ... and its hot

then this weekend i was working friday to sunday night cause i'm the secretary of the genshiken society of uct and our chair is pretty useless so i'm like the defacto ruler-person. see, the otaku magazine peeps came down to CT for their annual roadtrip convention and we were hosting them. so had a freakin awesome weekend of the latest in anime, manga, music and so much more!

omfg! everyone needs to watch eyeshield 21! i usually hate sports anime but i love it! and not for the sport! the young male lead is not a whiney bitch and uses his head! his captain is a devilish blond conartist extraordinare evil beyond belief! there's plenty of bishies! wooooooot! if you at all like american football (and i really don't, it's rugby for wusses) or evilness and snark watch it!

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is now sick.

sore throat, muggy head, tired (tho that may be the handful of drugs i'm on= i slept the whole freakin day!), feel puffy...

i always seem to catch something throaty at cokefest! still won't stop me next year.

just watched csi: lv. i want greg/grissom porn! my csi otp. and grissom told greg to "take off that suit"

... i'm sick, my brain is bleh! any subtextyness will do.

that and i want ourin high school host club (mori/huni! sqeeeeeeeeeeeeee*hackcough*... ouch) and a programme that reads RAR files. soooo much manga, no reading programme.

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the easter fic i haven't posted yet. cokefest stuff later! (my throat is fucked! and i was on air yesterday!)

The Great Thing Everyone Thought, That Never, But Just Maybe, Was
Author: Azilver
Rating: pg 13
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McShep… or is it?

Summary: Snippet inspired by Crème Eggs and a craving for lusting!John, ‘cause the world always needs more of that.

original: The Great Thing Everyone Thought, That Never, But Just Maybe, Was

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Simple.


There’s a little spot on Rodney’s lower lip of pearly white. It catches the light, and her attention, when he smirks at Sheppard. Perhaps she should have Ronon say something to the two men, they were family after all.

They should really know better. The people in Atlantis were good people but even they had to follow rules and, while she may have found some of those rules confusing and cruel, obviously flaunting those rules would only get them in trouble.

Sighing to herself for what felt like the hundredth time in the past ten minutes, Teyla said, “Rodney.” And tapped her lower lip. He looked confused for a moment then ran a finger over the spot on his own lip.

“You should really watch what you eat.” John grinned at him. But the scientist only raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t hear you complaining when I shared.” And caught the droplet with his tongue.


He’s a fucking saint.

John Sheppard is a fucking saint. That’s the only reason he can think of for this situation. Didn’t saints always have to suffer and go through torturous tests and all?

Mmm. God!” Rodney moaned, slipping a sticky finger into his mouth, sucking off the sticky white crème. A little remained on his lower lip like some obscene dew drop that taunted John. “Remind me that the Russian’s give great rewards next time they ask me for help.”

Sure.” John nibbled at his own chocolate egg. He’d forgotten that it was time for Easter on Earth. Then Rodney had gotten a private package from Russia. Apparently the man had somehow endeared himself to a group of chemists there recently (something to do with a rock concert, rasberry vodka and a red sharpie) and they had sent him a box, Ronon would have been comfortable in, full of goodies. These included a rather ridiculous number of crème eggs. It was like they knew…. Nah. That was too paranoid even for him.

The other scientists and marines who’d caught sight of what was in said box had proceeded to glare at John like he’d stopped Atlantis from heating the water for the showers. The hell? He’d thought a moment before McKay had commandeered his services as a bellhop in exchange for some of the illicit contents. Ah, candy-envy then.

Later, Rodney had shown up at John’s quarters with two crème eggs. Tossing one at John, the scientist had grabbed the desk chair and proceeded to tell him about the latest screw up the social anthropologists had made. Apparently wearing hats was a huge insult to the Kendal, whatever that was, and was punishable by shaving. Huh. He’d been wondering why Cruise’s team were suddenly so very, very bald. Absently he patted his own beloved locks. Never! That's why he took Ronon to strange planets: who'd dare to approach him with a razor? Well, aside from Rodney.

But, then again, Rodney and Ronon had the most fucked up friendship John had ever witnessed.

Huh. I think it’s time we headed off, don’t you think?” Rodney stood up and stretched his arms back, the move emphasizing his broad chest and strong shoulders, not that John noticed. Much. “We’ve got a pre-mission meeting in ten minutes and I want to introduce Ronon and Teyla to Easter eggs.” He grinned evilly, rubbing his hands together in a rather frighteningly accurate imitation of a movie villain. “And then, afterwards, I have a jar of condensed milk and an ancient microwave with our names on!”

John Sheppard was a fucking saint and he was going to die of frustration.

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