I'm leaving on a JET plane

And I'll see where life takes me.

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I'm a pale, blond, shortish South African with a bent for history, slash, rock, silver, jewelery, fishing, boating, reading very long books, gore/horror movies, cute shoes, mirrors, writing, political slandering, computer games, snipers rifles, taking photo's of odd stuff, techy stuff, frog plushies, puppies and chocolate peanuts. I also happen to be arachnaphobic (baaaaaaaaaad expieriences *shudders*),don't like preying mantis's (bloody things fucking bite!), religious zelets, homophobes and bigots.

Okay, I'm back! Somewhat. I am leaving for Japan on the JET Programme, so I have no clue how much I will update. But I bring new fandoms and OTP's!

WARNING: here be slash, this means gayness and boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls and anything and everything between!

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Pairings you may find on my LJ so far:
dean/sam SPN (dorky!dean is the best! Everytime i watch that show i wanna hug the woobie)
house/chase house (dude! Subtext...and pretty hair)
mckay/sheppard SGA (wooot! watched 1 ep and was going : OMG they are so married!!!!!)
anton/kostya day watch (vampires and damnit! read the books and watch the movies if u don't get it!)

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My big project at the moment: Gathered Dust (House md/SPN) with my lovely beta luatiki

The Medicine Wheel

Making Love Over Time (series)
House/Chase (i have been warned that here be fluff)


Supplemental Pieces
Please Tip Your Stewardess or House on a Plane

As the Old Adage Goes (series)

McShep fics
5 Rules to Surviving Your Stay at Atlantis -By Dr C. Beckett
We're Pregnant?!
Sheppard Logic
Echoes Drabble
Bring it on, Kavanagh!
Well, isn't this Bloody Fantastic!
The Pool
The Great Thing Everyone Thought, That Never, But Just Maybe, Was
The Great Thing Everyone Thought: The Easter Snippet

OMG! the plotbunnies they are attacking!!!!!
I was attacked by bunnies!

Cost Effective (series)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

my covers
Playboy Atlantis Style: Rodney
Gathered Dust: The Medicine Wheel (beta cover)
Gathered Dust: The Medicine Wheel

A fav community of mine, if you're a fan of Supernatural you just have to check it out!
The SPN podcast of fics, music, etc.
EVP: Supernatural Fic Podcast

OOOOO! And being the House/Chase lover that I am
House/Chase button
House/Chase ficswap

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